About the Mockups 3 for Desktop Trial

The trial is fully functional for 30 days. Afterwards, you'll need to buy a license to edit your work.

How to Update

Minor-version (3.x) updates in Mockups 3 for Desktop are free. Simply download the latest version and install it on top of the old one. You won't have to re-register and your old projects will continue to work.

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Mac OS X
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Downloadable Plugin Versions
Linux User?
We don't support it, but we heard the .exe works via Wine.

Updating from Version 2?

Read the Transition Guide First! Mockups 3 for Desktop will run side-by-side with previous versions, so no need to uninstall your current version to use it. Here's what's new in 3 and how to import your old BMML files.

The update is FREE. If you have the old version installed, v.3 will automatically pull in the old license. Otherwise just use your old License Information in the Help / Register menu. If you lost it, you can retrieve your License Info here.