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The Team#

Giacomo “Peldi” Guilizzoni

Founder and CEO


You can read about Peldi in these interviews, in this blog post about his story or listen to some of his talks. He'd love to meet you! Schedule a call!

Marco Botton

Super-duper Coder


Marco is the architect of Balsamiq Wireframes, now working on our Mac app.

Valerie Liberty

Head Chef, Wow! Division


Valerie helps with sales inquiries, support questions and is the queen of our phone lines. She’s also our resident chef!

Mike Angeles

Interface Designer


Mike is our UI designer. He’s known in the UX community as Konigi, was a co-founder of the IA Institute, and has written about interface design since 2001.

Natalie Gould

CFO & Wow! Division


Natalie is the master bean-counter, in charge of keeping our finances healthy and our processes über-efficient.

Paolo Ottanà

All-around Coder


Paolo is able to work on anything you throw at him. Right now he's working on Balsamiq Wireframes for Mac.

Joy McCrea

COO, Balsamiq Studios LLC


Joy makes sure our distributed team is well taken care of: payroll, benefits, taxes, accounting, dealing with the bank — she does it all!

Florian Brauer

Developer in Testing


Florian helps us maintain high quality by writing automated tests and supporting our customers. He's also our in-house cyber-security expert.

Leon Barnard

Designer and Writer


Leon is heading our customer education efforts.

Anna Mariotti

Virtual Office Manager, Balsamiq SRL


Anna makes sure our Italian company runs smoothly. Purchasing, filing, accounting, payroll, and more!

Michele Orsini

Senior Developer


Michele is a passionate developer, now focusing on Balsamiq Wireframes for Windows.

Andrea Serra

Senior Developer


Andrea is a full-stack developer working on our integrations.

Salvatore Cammarata

Senior Developer


Sax is in charge of our integration development and strategy.

Francesca Fabbri

Marketing Strategist


Francesca leads our marketing team, with the goal to help our customers be more awesome!

Agnese Sgarbi



Agnese is a developer on Balsamiq Wireframes, for Web and Windows.

Brendan Saricks

Customer Champion


Brendan is our Chicago-based Customer Champion, in charge of making sure every customer request is heard and properly considered.

Virgin Pereira

Customer Champion


Virgin is our France-based Customer Champion. He too makes sure our customers are heard and taken good care of! :)

Stefano Brilli

Software Engineer


Stefano is a developer working on Balsamiq Wireframes and Balsamiq Cloud.

Jessica Orellanes

User Research


Jessica heads our user research efforts and manages partner relationships.

Drew Lafferty

Do-it-all DevOps


Drew is the lead developer of Olio, our custom CRM. Between DevOps, full stack development, and helping out the team wherever they need it, he’s got it covered.

Liz Green

Wow! Division


Liz makes sure that things are running smoothly with sales support, and keeps our sales docs updated.

Stefano Gozzi

Developer in Testing


Stefano helps us with all-things-testing, especially for integrations: manual, automated, he can do it all!

Luca Cornazzani

Senior Developer


Luca is the lead developer for Balsamiq Wireframes for Windows.

Tommaso Ognibene

Full Stack Developer


Tommaso is a core developer for Balsamiq Cloud.

Alberto Forni

Senior Developer


Alberto is a developer for Balsamiq Wireframes, focussing on the Web versions.

Ali Servet Donmez

Full Stack Developer


Ali makes us super-efficient by building and maintaining internal tools for us.

Alasdair Manson

Customer Champion


Alasdair delights you with wonderful Tech Support from beautiful Lake Tahoe, California.

Laura Farolfi

Project Manager in Marketing


Laura coordinates most of our marketing projects. She's a machine! :)

Laura Lei

Graphic Designer


Laura is our one-stop-shop for all things graphic design: images, icons, swag, videos, websites, she can do it all!

Amanda Hajek

Sponsorships Coordinator


Amanda helps us give back to our community via sponsorships and SWAG.

Kendra Kirk

Sales Support & Special Projects


Kendra handles sales support for our European customers, and helps us with legal and other sales-related projects.

Billy Carlson

Design Educator


Billy is a design educator helping customers learn design best practices.

Aramis B.V. (External Partner)

Software Development


Aramis B.V., owned by Stefano Masini, is a Dutch software development company that helps us go really fast! :)

Why does Balsamiq exist?

Since we started in 2008, our goal is to help people create software and websites that are easier to use. We do this by providing software tools, teaching UI Design to non-designers, and by building a long-lasting company. We like to compete on usability and customer service. We’re good people, and we care.

What tools does Balsamiq offer to help rid the world of bad software?#

We have one tool called Balsamiq Wireframes, which we support passionately and which has a big community around it.

What is Balsamiq Wireframes?#

Balsamiq Wireframes (formerly called Balsamiq Mockups) is a small graphical tool to sketch out user interfaces, for websites and web / desktop / mobile applications.

We focus on the ideation phase, providing you with a clean tool that lets you get in the flow and stay focused on structure rather than colors and icons. Wireframes provides enough interactivity to replace prototypes most of the time, and makes it easy to collaborate and get feedback on your wireframes.

Wireframes is sold as a web application (Balsamiq Cloud), a a Desktop application, and integrated with different wikis and bug trackers (compare all versions). You can try out Balsamiq Cloud for free, or download a free desktop trial. You can also easily access a pre-release version or older versions.

How are Balsamiq customers supported passionately?#

We are spread across the globe to provide fast response times.

We have extensive docs, we improve the software with frequent new releases and we provide support via multiple channels. You can find beginner-to-expert tutorials and documentation on our support page.

You can keep up with our updates via the release announcements on our blog. If you need help, you can reach us in many different ways.

The Balsamiq community#

Wireframes is the gold standard in low-cost wireframing tools (ask anyone). There is a large community of passionate users who are willing to help each other on our forums.

You can find a large number of community-contributed, ready-to-use stencils and controls for all your wireframing needs at Wireframes to Go.

If you are a Balsamiq expert looking for work, you can look at these job offers. If instead you are looking for someone to help you with your wireframing needs, here's a list of freelancers who know how to use our products well.

How does Balsamiq teach me about UX?#

We partnered with UX guru and author Theresa Neil to create, where you can learn the basics of user experience design with an easy process to follow, and pointers for where to learn more. If you are working with a client who doesn’t understand the value of wireframes, you can send them this little page.

We also have a UX content on our blog, where we talk about the user experience for our products, showing what we’re thinking and how we’re evolving.

To help you get inspired, we link to inspireUX and Little Big Details directly in the application’s Help menu. We interview Balsamiq power-users in the Case Studies, and have published a free ebook called Balsamiq Success Stories. We also raffle free tickets to UX-related conferences to our community often. Last but not least, we provide examples of software we love, via the the "zenware" page.

We try to do our part to foster a vibrant UX community by sponsoring websites, conferences and events, providing a free integration with, and more. We also try to be very upfront about our position in the competitive wireframing / prototyping software tool space. We maintain a list of wireframing tools on twitter and wrote a helpful page to help you choose the right product for you.

Who’s behind Balsamiq?#

We are trying to build a company we’d like to do business with ourselves. We aim to be a company that’s human, respectful, transparent, inclusive, socially and environmentally conscious, and a good citizen of the world and the Web.

We try to be approachable via a clear website, with lots of ways to contact us or get self-service help (like for lost License Keys or invoices).

We have been an example of transparency since the beginning, via our company blog updates and numerous interviews and talks.

We try to be a fun company to deal with: we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we provide fun items in our swag stores, we even give you ideas for what to make for dinner!

We are a solid, independent little software company. We started in 2008 as a one-man-shop, and have been growing organically ever since. We have lots and lots of customers. We are both extremely profitable and fiscally conservative. We turn away external investors every week and have turned down serious, multi-million-dollar acquisition offers, because we believe it’s the right thing for us and for our community. We want to stick around and be here for you, simple as that.

We have clear EULAs & Terms of Service policies, lots of clear sales-related FAQs and are PCI compliant. We are friendly to the press, considered thought leaders in our field, and often copied by others, which we find flattering. We are well established in the UX software market, with big partners (Google, Atlassian) and with good relationships with big software resellers.

How is Balsamiq trying to be a good citizen?#

First of all, we treat our own people VERY well. We always try to give each person their ideal job. We have few, clear and progressive company policies, and our jobs page tries to set the right expectations.

We also do our best to treat our customers well. In fact, it’s something we explicitly compete on since day one. We offer clear and affordable pricing for our tools, as well as trial versions of all our products. We also have very generous "free Balsamiq" programs for classrooms, open source projects and do-gooders in general.

We always include the community in the design and testing of new features, and thank them for their help when those features are released (of course). We reply to every email / tweet / facebook message, and try to never write to our customers unless it’s absolutely necessary (we hate spam and consider their Inbox sacred).

We try to be a good citizen in our competitive marketplace, never speaking ill of competitors, clones or software pirates. We also open source parts of our software, when we can.

Last but not least, we give back to our local communities with a very generous company donation policy. In short, we’re good people, and we care.

You can read more about how we like to be good citizens on the Balsamiq Mantras page.

Why "Balsamiq"?#

Balsamic vinegar, the high-end, aged for 25+ year kind, has a lot in common with what we want our software to be: rich, smooth, pleasurable, expensive. OK our software is actually very affordable, but we still want it to feel like a treat! :)

Like a fine balsamic vinegar, our software can add flavor to something else (in our case wikis and bug trackers), requires craftsmanship and is made in Italy!

Question for you: what else should we do to help rid the world of bad software?

Got an idea for something else we could do? Let us know at, we can’t wait to hear it!

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